Hakimono Zhoe | SO AMAZING | Wes Chatham
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The team investigates the murder of a marine. They find out his Marine wife (Christina Cox) was abused and that the husband had an affair. They find numerous suspects, but eventually narrow it down to a bar owner that the wife was also having an affair with. He admits to the murder because he felt the marine didn't deserve to have a wife like her. Meanwhile, McGee becomes the victim of identity theft, as somebody starts using his credit card to buy various expensive items. Tony tracks down the identity thief, who turns out to be the son of McGee's landlady. The boy remarks that he stole McGee's identity because he felt he was too boring and didn't take time to enjoy life. Also, since the purchases were clearly the result of fraud, McGee is only liable for $50. Together, Tony and the boy manage to c...


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